Audio Episodes

One day, these questions popped into my head:

What if people find reading blog posts boring or too long? 

What if people have a mental health illness that makes it hard to concentrate on a blog post from start to finish? 

What if people have a disability that makes it difficult to read blog posts? 

What if I came up with some sort of solution to that? 

From now on, I am going to be recording myself reading out my latest blog posts with added rambling! This is for readers that might prefer audio resources or just simply can’t sit and read things on a screen. It’s a new idea; the recording might be a bit naff or it might just be a complete flop because nobody is really up for listening to my Black Country accent… But why not give it a go, eh? I want to ensure that as many people as possible have access to my blog posts and information that might really help them.

I will include the audio episode at the end of each blog post but you can also access them at…




Or you can find the recordings by simply searching for them in either of the above’s apps.

Happy listening!