Bonus Blog Post: New Ideas!

So, this is a bonus post for this week! But I realised that my blog looks a little different now and, if you don’t follow me on Twitter, then I am keeping many people in the dark! This is a post to explain a little bit more about what I am trying to do with my blog and the reasons behind this.

For me, blogging is a therapeutic thing and I hope my readers find it therapeutic to read. I try really hard to maintain a good flow throughout each post, planning it carefully and making it look inviting to read. I try not to make them really long because for some people, that can be daunting and off-putting; I know that I personally find it difficult to get through a whole post that is incredibly detailed and long.

However, I suddenly realised one day that although I THINK I’m making my blog posts as accessible, clear and as inviting as possible, maybe reading blog posts isn’t always people’s thing. Maybe people have a disability that stops them from being able to do this, maybe some people have a mental health illness that interferes with their concentration and they find it just too difficult to sit down and read a post from beginning to end or maybe some people just don’t like reading and prefer other mental health resources!

This lead to me thinking that I needed to make my blog even more accessible by offering an alternative to just sitting and reading the posts. So, I have decided that, with my beautiful Black Country accent (or just Brummie to some of you) that I am going to audio record each blog post so that they can be listened to as well as, or instead of, being read.

I have named these ‘audio episodes’ and I am going to use them to read out my posts so that everyone has the same access to what I am writing. There may be some rambling tangents included in there too… People can access the recordings at the end of each post, so if you didn’t want to sit and read through it all, scroll right down to the bottom and hopefully you should find the recording. You can also access it through the ‘Audio Episodes’ tab at the top of my homepage where I will keep updating the page constantly so all episodes are stored in one area on my blog.

As well as being able to access the episodes directly from my blog you can also find them at…


And iTunes:

Or, if you have a smartphone/tablet, by searching for Me, Myself & Mental Health on both of the above’s apps.

You can EVEN download the episodes to save for later listening. There will be an option to follow me on SoundCloud to stay up to date with when I post a recording and/or you can subscribe to my ‘podcast’ channel on iTunes where they will download automatically.

I really do hope that people like this idea and that I am making my blog a more accessible place, open to absolutely everyone. If you feel that you have any feedback after giving an episode a listen, please do contact me to let me know what changes/improvements you’d like to see, I would really appreciate that. Admittedly, I am not very tech savvy and so am fumbling through this a bit; it’s only with other people’s suggestions can I make it better!

If my idea takes off and people make use of the audio episodes/my podcast channel then I already have ideas for the future! Including talking to other mental health bloggers about their own blogs, their stories and how blogging has helped them to express what’s going on for them on the inside.

In the meantime, enjoy my lovely voice guys.

Audio recording:


5 thoughts on “Bonus Blog Post: New Ideas!

  1. I think this blog is such a help to me and I share each post with my parents so that they can understand what I am going through. I find it very hard to explain how I feel and you sum it up perfectly. Thank you 😊


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